The answer is No. There are actually very strict regulations prohibiting solicitors advertising on a no win no fee basis which emanate from the Solicitors (Amendment) Act of 2002. However, as you may have noticed, that hasn’t stopped many from advertising exactly on this basis on Google. The first four search results that normally appear when queries related to this term – no win no fee solicitors – are entered into the search box are paid Google Ads. So while there are very strict regulations, and this observation could be applied in general to this topic, the enforcement of these regulations is not so strict, or indeed effective when it happens, as can be seen from the below.

Some of these ads, at least on a national level, originate from “claims-harvesting” websites, which pretend to offer independent cost-free legal advice on the subject of compensation and personal injuries to the inquirer but, in reality, function as data gathering digital machines often operated by non-legal shadowy marketing figures. These agents collect and sort through the information “crop” and then sell it onto solicitor firms. The High Court ordered one to be shut down but it’s still operational, and even uses exactly the same url title.

Others appearing under this search term are straightforward solicitor firms who use your inquiry simply as a means of enticing you to their site, with the implied notion of risk-free litigation (an utter illusion). Litigation, by the way, is just the technical term for legal action, or, as is generally understood, the process of taking a lawsuit. Some of these aforementioned firms will even declaim and denounce advertising on a no win no fee basis, but by putting the phrase in their title they are neatly sidestepping the spirit, at least, of the legal prohibition on this form of advertising.

You might argue that the same is happening here. Well, it is reasonable to devote some space to this much-misunderstood topic, one post explaining what no win no fee solicitors really means, as was addressed in a recent blog post, which offered a straightforward explanation of this highly controversial topic. This post functions as a follow-up warning about the unethical use of this term, particularly by the “claims-harvesting websites.” You have been warned!


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